Welcome to KyleBrigmon.com Southern Gospel Soloist

Welcome to KyleBrigmon.com Southern Gospel Soloist

Welcome to KyleBrigmon.com Southern Gospel SoloistWelcome to KyleBrigmon.com Southern Gospel Soloist

My Story

"I haven't had great honors of great men bestowed upon me nor have I had great awards given to me for accomplishments but I have seen the tears of grandmaws and grandpaws and their gratitude for a song that touched their heart and that's more than enough for me!"

 I'm currently open for solo events.  I'm prepared to be the sole  vocalist or work within any schedule required.  I'm local to Gastonia,  NC but will travel. 

Late in the year of 2016 the Lord started dealing with me about a singing ministry.  I prayed very hard and asked the Lord if this was me trying to relive some childhood thing to please take it away.  You see I used to sing with a group called the Faith Boys from Belmont, NC as a bass singer when I was 14 -18 years old.  We sang allover NC and SC in anything from high schools to on flatbed trucks in parking lots.

After much prayer one morning as I was waking-up I saw a portion of sheet music in a vision.  Written in the place for the words was, “Follow Your Spirit”.  At about the same time I realized what I was reading a small voice whispered, “Follow Your Spirit”.  After that I felt a strong desire to open my ministry in assisted living centers.  As of this date we have 8 different facilities in which we minister in on a regular basis.  I had a total of 75 singings during the year 2017 my first year.


I feel a strong desire also to bring to remembrance and introduce young folks to the old southern gospel songs that have blessed me so much over the years and help those that cannot attend church.

I'm mainly a southern gospel singer.


* Singing Style: Karaoke Southern Gospel

* Sound System: Bose L1 Model 2

* Music: IPad or CDs